What do I wear and bring to class ?

Yoga and Pilates Mat Classes
Yoga Mat
Comfortable Active Wear
Yoga Blocks
Theraband(Stretch Band)
Hand Towel
Essential Starter Kits for sale in the studio(Yoga Mat, Blocks & Stretch Band)

Pilates Reformer Classes
Pilates Reformer Mat
Grip Socks
Hand Towel
Essential Starters Kit for sale in studio(Pilates Reformer Mat, Grip Socks)

Studio Etiquette

✔️Please arrive to your class 5 minutes prior to class commencing.
✔️Please reserve and check-in online via your Breathe Zenplanner App.
✔️Be mindful when other classes are in progress to keep voices low and allow students to leave the rooms before entering for the new class.
✔️If you’re a new student, please register via Member Sign Up or Drop In.
✔️Do not enter the Yoga or Pilates Rooms with shoes, and leave bags and items in the pigeon holes or on the bench seats.
✔️Be mindful that classes may be in progress when you enter the studio.


How much commitment is required ?

✔️Consistency creates confidence, skill development and enjoyment.
✔️Yoga & Pilates requires at least two sessions per week to experience the many benefits of this practice.